Our company was established in December, 1992, as a result of a joint effort of Hungarian private entrepreneurs. We started our activity with plastic coatings made by electrostatic powder-spraying, and later, gradually recognising constantly emerging, ever widening scope of requirements, we expanded our field of activities by various forms of metal workings and sheet processing in 1999. Today, we cover a complex range of metal processing and we produce parts and components.

The production area that in the beginning was only 500 m² today exceeds 16000 m². We ensure the constant improvement in the work force, production facilities, updating applied technologies and overall technical development, based on the profits of our dinamic expansion.

According to market requirements, besides using traditional processing methods we can guaranteedly meet the strict quality requirements of high precision sheet processing by the application of modern CNC controlled equipments. Additionally, we offer the most modern surface treatment technologies, completed at our facilities. Besides KTL priming and powder coating technologies, we also offer galvanising (blue and yellow), chemical browning and various other surface treatment methods.

Our company is a supplier to several internationally significant and well known companies.

The range of application of our products is very wide: parts, components and service tools for the Agriculture and Automotive Industry, Ventillation and Air-conditioning elements, light fixtures, interiour equipments (storaging elements, shop equipments).

To show our commitment to quality workmanship, to stay on edge in the competition on the market and in order to meet all requirements of our business partners we have introduced the ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 2003, which is certified by TÜV Rheinland.

We aim at providing a full scale service from planning and design to complete implementation and realisation, based on our extensive network of connections and specialised, precision level production technology.

Our company policy

The leadership of our company has as its main goal the execution of its activities – high precision laser processing, production of metal structures and structural elements and electrostatic powder coating- that live up to the high expectations of our business partners, all the while focusing on the highest quality and earning a healthy profit.

The quality of our products is determined by our partners’ requirements, the intended use of these articles and the applicable technical, safety and environmental regulations.

To guarantee our uninterrupted compliance with the above mentioned guidelines we introduced the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System.

The effective operation of the quality management system ensures a process oriented approach that covers all elements of our activities and enables a centralized system-control. The maintenance of effective operation of this QM System is the duty of our System Control Manager, who is prepared for constantly improving the process.

All employees of our company are responsible for giving their personal best, for the continuous improvement of their skills and for operating the QC system effectively.

Our company intends to provide a full spectrum of services to its business partners by making use of its extensive network of suppliers, the well-established top technology production standards and innovative solutions. Our top priorities are to maintain our prosperity, preserve and expand the current number of employees, ensure the availability of all relevant operational conditions and increase the volume of incoming orders.

The leadership of our company stands by its commitment to achieve and realize all above mentioned conditions, and aims at the full satisfaction of its partners and constant self-impovement.