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Integrated Management Policy

We are aware that our activities, especially the cataphoretic painting and the materials and technologies used in our metalworking operations have an impact on our constructed and natural environment. We know that information, availability, integrity and confidentiality are important elements of our business operations. Therefore, we focus on quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency and information security. Continuous development is the pillar of our future market role, so we are open to all technical innovations, ensuring our customers and our employees’ satisfaction.

Our goal is to:

–          meet our current and future expectations, needs and trust;

–          regulating the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the data we manage by regulating our data and information protection activities;

–          with every step we take we consider how to improve the human environment;

–          contribute to the sustainable development of resources and products and services, thereby securing the living conditions of the next generation;

We commit ourselves to:

–          observing and fulfilling the requirements of relevant legislational, regulatory and other standards, and other requirements;

–          we assess the risks of our activities and strive to address them

–          we ensure the continuous application of our information security rules;

–          we take the necessary steps to prevent pollution, aim at increasing use of recyclable materials, and improving energy efficiency;

–          planned measures to increase environmental and energy performance;

–          we provide the necessary conditions for achieving the goals and monitor their fulfillment;

–          We enforce the safety principles for the safety of our employees and subcontractors;

–          Implementation of our overall management policy at the top level of management.

Our principles:

–          the implementation of quality and energy-efficient purchasing and work-related activities with high priority on producing quality products and a well-controlled information security system is a key feature in our employment policy;

–          continuous training and regular checks by members of the management team are necessary elements of the expected service activities;

–          establish and maintain a long-term business relationship with our customers, subcontractors and suppliers.

To achieve our goals, we operate an integrated management system based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 27001 standards.


                                                                                       János Kovács


15th July 2017